Waterproof Medical Therapy Self Adhesive Bandage

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1.Protects primary dressings, Can be widely used in medical, sports, and veterinary area
2.Provide controlled compression
3.Reliable strength, stable tensile strength
4.No-sticky to hair or skin
5.Both latex and latex free are available
6.No toxic, no stimulation, no sensitization
7.Strictly conforming to BP, EUP, USP standards
8.For disposable use, expiring time: 3-5years

Size: 2.5cm*4.5m, 5cm*4.5m, 7.5cm*4.5m, 10cm*4.5m
Colors: As show

Material: non-woven, self-adhesive glue, elastic yarn

1.Cohesive elastic  bandage
2.Self adherent elastic bandage
3.no-sticky to hair or skin
4.cotton material, hand tear
5.Length and width can be adjustable as per customer's request
6.Both latex and latex free are available
7.many colors are available.
8.Can be widely used in medical, sports and veterinary area...
2.Light Weight and breathable
3.Protects primary dressings
4.Provide controlled compression
5.Reliable strength, tensile strength 135N
6.Water resistant

1. Securing pads and dressings;
2. Protective bandaging;
3. Pressure bandage to promote circulation and healing;
4. Compression bandage for hemostasis, varicosity, edema control;
5. Hold IV sets in place;
6. Sprains and strains;
7. Partial immobilization;
8. Many other applications.

Package Includes:
1 rolls waterproof Self-Adhesive Elastic Bandage



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