Touch Sensitive Colorful Magnetic Modular Quantum Lamp LED Night Light

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Touch Sensitive Modular Lighting System

Type: Atmosphere
Shape: Hexagonal
Is Bulbs Included: Yes
Model Number: LED modular quantum lamp
Is Batteries Required: No
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Power Generation: Touch
Item Type: Night Lights
Voltage: 110V
Voltage: 220V
Is Batteries Included: No
Certification: ce, FCC, LVD, RoHS
Power Source: AC
Body Material: ABS
Wattage: 0-5W



Modular, touch-sensitive lighting

This is a modular touch-sensing wall light. Use hexagonal floppy to create any structure to suit your needs, then turn it on and off by touching it.

Customize your space
The fast modular component is equivalent to a system that can easily adapt to any scenario. Use magnetic edges to connect the lights together to create the structure that best fits your interior.
Tap slide
The interior building becomes a light source. Slide the wall and illuminate the touch path for a fascinating tactile experience. Customize the lighting level to create the right atmosphere by illuminating as many tiles as you need.
Build terminal display

Individual components can be easily spliced together by magnets located at the edge of the product. The hexagonal shape allows these pieces to be inlaid together and provides an opportunity for a variety of different structures. This process allows the user to create a light that meets their needs. Users can purchase as many unit lights as possible.

Sliding on/off

The wall light is turned on and off by the user's physical touch. A capacitive sensor is used as a switch that turns each component on or off when the user's body touches the surface. This design allows the user to effectively slide where they want or need light. Turn the interior building into a canvas and let the user use the hand as a brush.

Currently, you can connect to 105 blocks on the same power circuit. Further testing and development will increase this. A larger display can be achieved by isolating the contact between different lights.

Wall mounting

Only the central unit module light piece requires a rigid connection, allowing the user to move around the other unit module light sheets to form different shapes. We tested a variety of methods, the best solution is to choose a nail or just a pad that runs around the back.

The nail is the most reliable connector and the product will provide the template it is placed on. If nails, such as glass or ceramic tiles, cannot be used on the surface to be installed, the sticker can be used instead of or in addition to the nail connection.


The combination of modularity and lighting control is equivalent to a product that can be completely customized by the user. This product offers an opportunity for each environment-specific lighting solution.



Input Power: AC110-220 V 50/60 Hz

Output Power:DC24V

Emitting color: White color

Maximum number of components per power adapter: 65

Plug types: US/EU

On/off: Capacitive touch.

Wall accessories: rubber pads or nails


Package included:

● 3/5/6/10 tile modules 

 ●  Power Supply with 2 metre cable included
 ● EU/US plug adapters
 ● 10 Reusable gel sticky pads


  1. 3pcs: white light.
  2. 5pc colorful, Red, green, yellow, blue, pink color
  3. 6pc colorful, Red, green, yellow, blue, pink and white color
  4. 10pc colorful,(Red, green, yellow, blue, pink)*2 

Note: Each modular only has one color, can’t be changeable.



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Customer Reviews

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Catherine Gottlieb

Touch Sensitive Colorful Magnetic Modular Quantum Lamp LED Night Light

Laury Rodriguez

All OK, only delivery of a month and a half

Sylvester Walker

Great packing product fine pleasant in touch sensitive and excellent light. All same as description