SANI STICKS - Magic Sink Cleaner

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12PCS/Set Pipe Cleaning Sticks, Removes Decomposition of Hair and Waste in Sink Pipes. Clogging Remover Tools, Pipe Cleaner Tools

Tired of cleaning that NASTY and disgusting SINK CLOGS. You are not alone ! Cleaning sinks, bathroom tubs can be really frustrating experience, and no one enjoys doing it. Magic Sink Stick can remove oil deposits, hair clogs, and deposited enzymes from the sink pipes easily without you having to do anything but just putting that stick in there. GIVE it a rick free try TODAY !


  • Take out a cleaning rod and insert it into the drain until it is invisible.
  • When water is poured, the cleaning rod will dissolve slowly, and will continue to play its role in scale and deposits removal
  • The use of cleaning rods can maintain the environment inside the pipeline, remove scale and odor, and prevent blockage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Gustave Hartmann

SANI STICKS - Magic Sink Cleaner

Melvin Labadie

Sticks came all broken (or broken). The seller agreed to return the money, but it was necessary to return the goods. I opened a dispute, but then I did not want to play with the shipment. For such money... I will use this

Kassandra Kuhic

Came almost all broken

Rosanna Ritchie

Sticks are broken, but for me it's not stupid. Immediately threw in the sink drain, although he did not bother me much, but I maintain cleanliness.

Talon Hackett

SANI STICKS - Magic Sink Cleaner