Neck Traction Air Pump - Cervical Tractor Portable Posture Corrector

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Neck Traction and Cervical Tractor Portable Air Pump. Posture Corrector Pump, Relaxing Vertebra Massager, Relaxes Spine Muscle, Provides Relief from Neck, Back and Nerve Pinching Pain

If you are having neck pain, headache, nerve pinching issues ? Then this device is for you.

Stop spending thousands of dollars on physiotherapy and massages that don't work instead invest is a tool that is portable, reusable and you can use anytime you want. Moreover, its is fraction of the cost that you are spending today on these treatments.


  • Name: Manual Neck, cervical traction device
  • Applicable part: Neck,Cervical vertebra
  • Characteristics: Neck fixation,Comfortable support,Traction easily
  • Features: Eradicate chronic cervical strain,Repair cervical curvature

Cervical vertebra

The cervical vertebra is the smallest segment in the spine, but has the highest flexibility, the highest frequency of activity, and a segment with a large load.Cervical physiologic changes are the main cause of cervical spondylosis.

Causes of cervical spine deformation

Long time to play with the phone,Working long hours before the computer,bad sleeping position,daily fatigue,Driving or sedentary in a bad posture,they can cause the cervical spine to become straight or anti-bow shape.The normal cervical vertebra is not a straight line but an arc state.

Cervical distraction

Neck pain and numbness, cervical deformity pain, headache, dizziness, neck stiffness and fatigue.

Improve cervical status

Cervical traction device can fix the neck, comfortable support, easy traction, open the cervical intervertebral space, relieve cervical friction.Fully comfortable and fit the neck to restore the normal state of the cervical spine.It makes you healthier.

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