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  • Display with backlight LCD
  • Humanized blended probe for convenient operation
  • 3 work modes: real-time, average, manual
  • Built-in speaker gives clear and loud voice. output for headphones
  • High sensitivity probe, can be changed on requirement
  • Automatic shutdown function in case of no work for one minute
  • CE FDA Approved Fetal Doppler

Doppler Parameters:

 Ultrasound Baby Heartbeat Detector


Fetal Doppler Monitor

Probe frequency


Tolerance scope

± 2bpom

Heart rate display



5 years

Doppler dimensions


Normal heart rate


Method of use

Looking for baby’s heartbeat sound

8-18 gestational weeks

8-28 gestational weeks

28-40 gestational weeks


This stage most mothers feel slightly quickening, and fetal heart sounds signal is weak at this stage, suggest an cardiac monitoring after getting up in the morning


Mother can feel obviously quickened, if found that fetal long time no movement, a number of abnormal or quickened, you should immediately use tire choice for cardiac monitoring

Cardiac monitoring critical period, fetal hypoxia condition easy happen, suggest monitoring 3 times a day.(morning, noon, night)

Attention:  please evenly coated with gel on the probe before use.(As for gel, not included in the package because of the shipment limited. but you can buy at your local market easily. Gel is Lubrication, isolation of air. you also can use aloe vera gel, essential oil instead)

What's included?

1* Gift Box

1* Cofoe Fetal Doppler

1* Instruction

1*  Qualification Certificate


  • Battery will not include, due to it can't be shipped, plz note it!
  • We have english manual pdf, if need, please feel free to contact me.