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Are you searching for a comfy travel pouch that will keep your cat calm and safe while traveling or carrying around? Comfy Cat Travel Pouch is the innovative comfy cat carrier and grooming sack in one. Now you can hold your kitty steady, calm, and comfortable when taking to the vet or travel. There is even a shoulder strap for easy carrying, so you won't feel the weight of it at all. The perfect grooming sack to keep kitty calm and still while clipping nails. Just slide the collar over kitty’s head, adjust to size and close it with zipper. Ideal for any size cat. Designed to keep kitty close and secure.

Does your cat put up a fight every time you clip his nails? Do you have to chase him around the house every time you try to put him in his carrier? Many cats are afraid of confinement, which can make these tasks unpleasant. But the Cozy Comfort Carrier’s heads-out design eases that fear, so your cat stays calmer while you put it on. The bag is roomy and comfortable, allowing him to move and stretch so he’s more relaxed for traveling or nail-trimming. This machine-washable size-large carrying, grooming and nail-trimming bag is designed to keep your cat calm and comfortable.

Size is designed for cats for even 10 pounds. Use it for traveling, clipping nails and administering medicine. The Velcro collar adjusts to any-sized neck so the cat is gently restrained, and the bag allows him to move and stretch without feeling that restraint.

The Cozy Comfort Carrier is perfect for:

  • Car rides
  • Grooming and nail clipping
  • Medicating and dental care
  • Vet appointments

The bag also fits cats who weigh more than 10 pounds and measure between 15 and 18 inches from the base of the head to base of the tail. Follow these steps to put it on:

  • Open the collar and unzip the bag. Place it in front of you, and fold back the top side. Place your cat on the bag, facing away from you.
  • Keep one hand or arm around his chest while you slide the collar over his head.
  • Adjust the collar with the Velcro strip. You should be able to comfortably slip one finger under the collar, but there shouldn’t be a gap big enough for him to slide a paw through.
  • Zip the bag closed.

Use the handle on the bag as a shoulder strap also, for carrying hands-free. Use the seatbelt pass-through to keep him securely on the car seat.


Closure Type:Zipper


color:blue and black

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Christine Stewart
Not as I thought

I’m not impressed, the material was not easy to adjust, the smell of the fabric was not good, I had to hang it in the laundry room to air out!