Baby Emulated Doll

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Baby Emulated Doll Soft Children Reborn Baby Doll Toys Boy Girl Birthday Gift


  • Name: simulation doll
  • Age: newborn baby
  • Gender: Male Female
  • Size: 30X15X9 cm
  • Material: whole body in the water doll (soft (all plastic) non-toxic harmless, suitable for baby use)


  • Useful for nursery teacher, mothers, obstetrics and gynecology nurse.
  • As a mother and child health, baby health promotion equipment. can demonstrate the characteristics of newborn baby, size and shape in line with the normal term full child, there is a sense of reality. head and upper and lower limbs can be active joints. In clinical education, a variety of education operations, such as various production delivery, birth treatment, including infant massage, bathing, passive exercise, eye drops, feeding and newborn baths and so on.
  • In the process of children's entertainment, can be as toys, bath toys;
  • Kindergarten teacher is very good teaching materials, church baby clothes, bath and other self-care ability and so on.
  • As photography props.

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  • 1 * Emulated dolls

















































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